Silver Spirit Rolls Royce

The Silver Spirit Rolls Royce from Orange Limousines epitomizes the pinnacle of luxury and classic elegance. This iconic vehicle, with its graceful design and sophisticated presence, offers an unparalleled experience for those who seek the finest in luxury transportation. The Rolls Royce Silver Spirit, renowned for its plush interiors and smooth performance, provides a serene […]

5 Passengers

The classy Black Mercedes Benz from Orange Limousines is the epitome of sophistication and elegance, suited for any chauffeured occasion. Its exquisite leather seating and tasteful timber trim interior exude a sense of luxury and comfort. The sleek black exterior of the vehicle radiates a contemporary and refined aesthetic, perfectly complemented by the shining chrome […]

5 Passengers

The Ford Fairlane Stretched Limousine at Orange Limousines is a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. This stretched limousine, with its extended seating capacity and opulent interiors, offers an extraordinary travel experience. It’s the perfect blend of classic elegance and modern amenities, ensuring that each journey is as comfortable as it is memorable. Ideal for weddings, […]

9 Passengers

Our Chryslers are sure to turn heads With a prominent front grille and a side profile which maintains a head turningsilhouette. Passengers are immersed in a sophisticated blend of the finest craftmanshipdelivering the perfect balance of luxury. It boasts safety and security featuresfrom the ground up which keeps our occupants seated firmly in place and comfortable.

10 Passengers

Introducing our Brand new 2020 iMax Elite.Seating 6 in the back and 1 in the front with the driver, our brand-new iMax is ready to go!With a turbo diesel engine, it has the power to make it to the peak of Mount Canobolas with the luxury leather interior. The amount of seating and boot space […]

8 Passengers

The iMax Van from Orange Limousines, with its spacious 11-seat capacity, is the ideal choice for group travel, combining comfort and functionality. This van is designed to cater to larger parties without compromising on style or comfort. Inside, passengers will find a roomy and inviting interior, perfect for long journeys or short trips around town. […]

11 Passengers